Woodenza [Camp in the Woods]

Engineered & Laminated wood floors


H & R Johnson presents Woodenza, an irresistible range of engineered and laminated wooden floors.

From the time of the baroque Era (1625 – 1714), when wooden flooring was believed to have first made its appearance exclusively in the homes of the affluent and in the palaces of royalty, it has remained an expression of refined taste and aristocracy.


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Cleaning & care tips

Follow these tips to keep your Woodenza floor in beautiful shape.


To clean your Woodenza floor:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment for cleaning your wooden floor.
  • Frequently wipe the floor with damp cloth, make sure to clean the bevels in the longitudinal directions.
  • Use of doormats will help keep the dirt and dust away.

To get rid of stubborn stains:

  • Coffee, tea, lemonade, beer, fruit or milk stains can be cleaned with squirt of alcohol or vinegar mixed in lukewarm water.
  • Paints, lipstick, ink, tar and mail polish stains can be cleaned using a conventional absorbent cloth and a universal cleaner.
  • Nail polish remover can be used as a last resort to remove the stains.

Optimum protection for engineered wooden floors and laminated wooden floors:

  • Attach felt pads to the feet of all furniture.
  • Lift furniture when moving rather than pushing or dragging.
  • Use soft furniture castors.
  • Mop up any spillage immediately.
  • Do not use steam cleaners.

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H & R Johnson (India)

(A Division of Prism Cement Limited)

Corporate Office
Windsor, 7 th Floor, C. S. T. Road , Kalina
Santacruz (East), Mumbai – 400 098.
Tel No.: (022) 30647300 / 2654 7300
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Woodenza - accessories



Woodenza - Benefits


Laminated wood floor

Specifications AC 3
Length 1215 mm 1286 mm
Width 196 mm 194 mm
Thickness 8.3 mm 8 mm
No. of planks/box 8 8
Area (sqm/box) 1.905 1.996
Weight (Kgs/box) 14.60 13.60
Guarantee 15 years 20 years
Applications Ideal for heavy domestic use and moderate commercial use Ideal for heavy domestic use and medium commercial use


Engineered wood floor

Specifications Dur soft Lock Easy soft Lock Deck Soft Lock
Length 2200 mm 1085 mm 2200 mm
Width 195 mm 127 mm 155 mm
Thickness 14 mm 14 mm 14 mm
No. of planks/box 6 6 6
Area (sqm/box) 2.574 0.827 2.046
Area (sqm/container) 1300 1300 1300
  • Top layer real wood thinkness – 3 – 4 mm.
  • Bevelled edges (2 sides & 4 sides) is available in select designs.
  • Patented locking system.